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Fǎ Fēng Hermitage
法風 僧伽
This Hermitage is the founding « Mother Hermitage » of DHARMA WINDS ZEN SANGHA/ORDRE ZEN DE HSU YUN (DWZS/OZHY). To find the latest news of our community please go to DWZS/OHZHY Website.

Dharma Winds Zen Hermitage (DWZH) is a small community gathering regularly in Brussels and Namur (Belgium) to share the Buddhist teachings in the tradition of Chan/Zen Buddhism.
The Chan/Zen Priest Yao Xin Shakya, founder of DWZH, is a direct disciple of Ming Zhen Shakya in the Linji and Yunmen lineage of the Zen Buddhist Order ofon HsuYun. He shares the practice of Tientai sitting, Chan/Zen meditation and Pure Land chanting and meditations in a simple and humble setting.
Dharma Winds Zen Hermitage is a sangha affiliated to the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun (ZBOHY – ZATMA).
Dharma Winds Zen Hermitage is the « Founding or Mother Hermitage » of Dharma Winds Zen Sangha. A community of French-Speaking Zen Hermitages affiliated to the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun.
Our main objective is to share the Buddhist path in a simple and dedicate way, focusing on the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, those of the Venerable patriarch Huineng, and those of the Venerable master Hsu Yun.
Dharma Winds Zen Hermitage is also a proud affiliated of the Five Mountain Zen Order founded by Venerable Wonji Dharma (Thich Duc Hien).
DWZH is also a Chapter house of the Order of Engaged Buddhist, founded by Shi Xi-Ken.