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Fǎ Fēng Hermitage
法風 僧伽
This Hermitage is the founding « Mother Hermitage » of DHARMA WINDS ZEN SANGHA/ORDRE ZEN DE HSU YUN (DWZS/OZHY). To find the latest news of our community please go to DWZS/OHZHY Website.

Dharma Winds Zen Hermitage (DWZH) is a small community gathering regularly in Brussels and Namur (Belgium) to share the Buddhist teachings in the tradition of Chan/Zen Buddhism.
The monk Yao Xin Shakya, founder of DWZH, is a direct disciple of Ming Zhen Shakya in the lineage of Shi Fo Yuan of the Yun Men Chan/Zen House. He shares the practice of Tientai sitting, Chan/Zen meditation and Pure Land chanting and meditations in a simple and humble setting.
Dharma Winds Zen Hermitage is a sangha affiliated to the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun (ZBOHY – ZATMA).
Dharma Winds Zen Hermitage is the « Founding or Mother Hermitage » of Dharma Winds Zen Sangha. A community of French-Speaking Zen Hermitages affiliated to the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun.
Our main objective is to share the Buddhist path in a simple and dedicate way, focusing on the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, those of the Venerable patriarch Huineng, and those of the Venerable master Hsu Yun.
DWZH is a Chapter house of the Order of Engaged Buddhist, founded by Shi Xi-Ken.